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  1. CBC believes that Parliament has a role to ensure that there is a framework in place to ensure media plurality but that it will be competition that will be the main source of protection. The time that it takes for regulatory solutions to be implemented is simply not go to keep pace with technology.
  2. CBC believes that any future media regulation has a role to protect the citizen consumer from indecency (e.g. child pornography) or libel or illegal surveillance and that it must not stop new entrants from entering into a media marketplace.
  3. The majority ownership of all entrants must be held by UK or European Economic Area citizens or by citizens of other countries where we have a quid pro quo arrangement that allows our UK citizens to own a majority in their media organisations.
  4. CBC feels strongly that as well as news and current affairs it is important that the reporting of faith matters and the theology of various faith groups themselves are included as one of the key genres critical for informing democracy.
  5. All media regulation must include the BBC